CRAFT 4OZ Natural Atomizer

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CRAFT 4OZ Natural Atomizer
  • $75.00

Exclusively created for BASE, our superb hand-crafted scents enjoy a legion of fans across the globe. Manufactured in small batches, they are still - over two decades later - hand-filled in our Miami-based premises. Striving for a dense, slightly oily formulation, this blend of botanicals and organic oils is particularly long-lasting on the skin. CRAFT is one of two new scents we have recently introduced to our 'SCENSE' collection. Leading notes of Bergamot, Tobacco Flower, Teak Bark, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean combine to create one of our warmest, most luxurious scents to date. Based on principles of aromatherapy CRAFT has been specifically formulated to inspire and uplift. Designed to be used on the body many people enjoy using all of our scents for the home to great effect.

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