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    We have been hand-crafting and selling our own scents for nearly two decades.

    Far and away the scent most associated with BASE is SAND. Created exclusively for BASE by Creative Director Steven Giles, in conjunction with our own perfumier, this superb, hand-crafted scent enjoys a legion of followers across the globe. A dense, slightly oily formulation, this blend of botanicals and organic oils is especially long-lasting and ideal if applied to warm, freshly showered skin. Notes of Bergamot, Orange, Lavender and Musk are warmed with a hint of Patchouli creating a scent that has become synonymous with one of the world's leading lifestyle stores.

    A few tips on using this unique product:

    Due to the rich formulation it is not advisable to use this product on sensitive skin areas such as underarms, and contact with the eyes should be avoided at all times.

    Do not spray directly onto fine fabrics such as silk as the rich oily concentration will mark.

    Lastly, many of our loyal clients use our scents as the perfect room spray; we would caution you to dilute this high concentration first. We suggest using an indoor plant spray bottle and diluting with filtered water 10 to 1. You will need to shake the container to dispel the scent. Use a fine spray setting and again, avoid spraying directly on to furnishings. Keep in a cool dark place. Our concentrated scents are also very effective sprayed directly onto AC filters.

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