Celebrating 30 years, BASE has worn the enduring mantle of introducing and supporting a diverse collection of emergent brands. An early pioneer of 'curated/lifestyle' retailing, BASE has focused on emergent brands and affiliations that speak to a savvy consumer, building a sense of 'tribal' association, community, and belonging. Celebrating 30 years, Co-Founder Steven Giles took a fresh look at the company's iconic logo, adding a new spin on a familiar brand. This limited edition of functional shapes also adds the appropriately named BASE to its library of scents, set to launch in early 2021. Steven Giles, and Bruce Cannella, who founded BASE on the tiny West Indies island of Antigua in December 1989, would like to express their immeasurable thanks to the countless legions of fans who have sustained us all these years. It continues to be a daily challenge, perhaps now more than ever, and when your support is most needed, but the journey, the adventure, and the passion never dims. Thank you, truly, from the soul-deep.