BASE Superstore 'You don't so much as shop here as join a cult.' WALLPAPER 2015

Winner of innumerable awards and press coverage, both national and international, BASE Superstore - celebrating over two decades as Miami's leading menswear and concept store - has won the hearts and minds of a legion of fans. The company's expertly curated mix of clothing, accessories, footwear, books, perfumes, custom 'SCENSE' blends: SAND, SEA, MOSS and CRAFT, grooming products and mercantile, has been consistently applauded. Founded in 1984 by business partners Steven Giles and Bruce Cannella, BASE, has continued to flourish and to share a heartfelt passion for retail and the community it has long embraced.



    BASE Superstore 2015  Art Basel 2015 feat Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody